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Christmas 2006 December 27, 2007

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Me, Gidget and the X-mas tree


Christmas 07 with the Family

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Christmas Eve was spent at moms in Longview this year…with Gidget! I was really excited about that!


At my moms


Awww gidget! Love her


Mom and I


Christmas in the Pearl at Macs – December 8th, 2007

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Mac, Tara, and I planned at our friend Macs place.  The three of us spent most of the day at Macs place cooking which was really fun since I like to cook.  We did have some mishaps….my awesome red velvet cake broke and I sprayed food coloring in the kitchen, it was tasty though and I did salvage it!  By the time we got to it nobody noticed how it looked.  Mac made beef wellington…yummy!  Tara made orzo salad and scallops, and I made the cake and artichoke dip.  Good times! We drank 17 bottles of wine!  Eric and I walked home!


Eric and I at dinner


Heather, Tara, and I


Macs Christmas card next year 🙂


Eric and I


Rob and his pink tool kit won at our gift exchange….one of my family members got it a few weeks after 🙂


the yummy cigars were broke out later in the night….


hello brian…


Random thoughts for 2008

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Today I have been thinking of my plans for 2008 and thought I would let my family and friends in on it. I know, I know I am hard to keep up with sometimes.  The beginning of the New Year will be spent in Hood River, OR and pretty low key…I imagine I will be drinking wine and eating good food.  We Plan on snowboarding on New Years day with hope that it will not be crowded! The BIG work picture for for 08 is to start appraising privately since I now have my license to do so. ..when will I find the time… oh, I will find the time!

I just got in the leadership development program with the mazamas  so I will be helping out with ICS and assisting with basic school.  I plan on become a proficient 5.8 trad rock leader hopefully in 2008, and without taking Advanced rock.  Hopefully, I can get the help of my friends who are good at it and are pros already!  Oh, and I will be doing a marathon in October, an all girls Nike marathon (assuming I get it since its competitive).  When time allows, I will be golfing during the week…I need to keep up with my boyfriend right? Yes, I am rambling, and yes, I am crazy 🙂

 I really want to climb Mt. Rainier, Shuksan, and Jefferson this summer.  I have yet to make it up Rainier (2 attempts) and 2008 will be it!!!! I want to assist a mazama leader on the shuksan climb and climb the rest with my favorite climbing buddies…and you know who you are :).  I am sure I will climb Mt. hood a couple of times (one being a winter climb) and Mt. Adams Mazama glacier again.  I can’t wait to take Eric up a big summit this summer and for me to lead it. I am excited to think about the fact that my good friend Mac may attempt to go climb in Antartica  and possibly Everest next year?!  I also plan on making a trip down to LA to climb the East Face of Mt. Whitney assuming we will get permits for it.  Couldn’t get them this last year and ended up in Yosemite.  I am sure I will make several trips to Smith as usual to assume my duties of becoming a better trad leader.

Can’t wait for December 08!!! I want to go somewhere hot which is something I have never done before.  I REALLY want to go to Thailand, a destination I have been thinking about for a long time.  Plus, I have to hit somewhere new once a year right? I will come back from the holidays with my awesome tan 🙂

 I will ramble some more later……..


Run Like Hell! Half Marathon, 10/23/2007 October 31, 2007

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Me and a group of my friends decided to sign up for the “Run Like Hell” half marathon.  We decided it would be a fun half considering everyone will be dressing up (and people didn’t like they said!).  Eric and I decided to go with the military “dessert storm” look.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures, we were running late the day of the race.  The race was hard I thought because I hadn’t been training much.  I could not get warmed up the whole time!  The race went up Tuwilliger Blvd. in Portland near OHSU which is a really hard hill! I ran it during the Shamrock run in March!  Beautiful course overall though!  This was the first half for Heather, Nick, and Tara!  Good job! 

We then proceeded to head to Ryans for a pumpkin carving party and plenty to drink! The party was at 4pm and I spent most of the day not moving out of bed…uggg.  I felt out of shape!  Here are some pictures from Ryans party:


Everyone at Ryans that ran in the race! Some 5K some the half marathon…. A lot of us!!!


Ryan…you rock!


After a few drinks!!


Tara, Janelle, and Mike…shot anyone?


Strike a pose Nick! 🙂


Middle Sister Climb September 22-23, 2007 October 1, 2007

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On Saturday September 22, 2007 Eric, Jim, hurley, Gidget,and I set out on our ascent of middle sister near Sisters, Oregon.  We started the climb around 2:30pm from the Pole creek trail head.  The weather was great, the perfect temperature.  The hike was about 7 miles in (our map was wrong) so it took us longer than we thought to get to camp.  We arrived at Camp lake just before dark.  The wind was kicking up pretty rapidly so we set up the tent then cooked and sat in our tent and grubbed on our food.  It got really cold and windy and we wondering if we were going to get weathered in and not do the climb.  We were planning on doing the Hayden Glacier, but vouched to do the South route because of the conditions and complexity of the other route.  We went to bed around 8pm so that we can get up as early as possible to start the climb.


Eric on the hike in


Jim with broken top in the background


Views on the hike in

 We woke up to a frozen tent and cold conditions! Good thing I had my puffy jacket.  We got the dogs ready and headed up there trail around 7:30am or so.  We owned the mountain, nobody decided to attempt this mountain this late in the season.  The weather was calm and great, but very cold.  We ascended a steap trail to some snow fields at around 8,000 feet.  We then arrived at a huge boulderfield which was interesting.  The last 1,000 feet of the climb was loose scree leading up to the summit block at 10,047 feet. It was chilly at the summit and we lingered here for about 15-20 minutes before decending. 


Off to an early “COLD” start in the morning


On one of the no name snowfields on the ascent.  South sister in the background.


Our crazy energetic dogs in the am…before the climb


Us at the summit!


View of North Sister from the summit….notice the ice, burrr

The dogs were wiped!  Once we got to camp, they curled up in little balls.  We broke down our gear and proceeded to attempt our hike out.  We got back to the truck at around 9pm…really hungry! 


The tired dogs as we break down camp.


Camp lake (yes, this is the real  name) from our campsite.


Cancun, Mexico September 1-9, 2007 September 10, 2007

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Eric and I went on an amazing vacation to Cancun, Mexico.  It was nice because it was the off season with not many people.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort called the Golden Parnassus right in the hotel zone of Cancun.  The food and drinks were amazing and we had unlimited amounts of them!  We did a lot of sunbathing and drinking and just enjoying the amazing beach while there!  But of course, you know me, I had to throw some adventure somewhere in the trip since I can’t sit around for too long (although I could have).  One day we visited Xel-ha a natural area for snorkeling were freshwater meets saltwater.  We also that day went to Tulum to check out the Mayan ruins.  Another day we paddled a lagoon, hiked in the jungle, swam in a cenote, rappeled and ziplined in the jungle.  We also had lunch in a Mayan village and the food was awesome!  Additionally, one night we did a really cool night booze cruise that was a pirate assult were pirates invaded our ship and took some of the women! It was funny.  I wasn’t one of the women they chose thankfully 🙂


Our pool! Spent a lot of time here…paradise.


At the awesome Tiki bar near the beach at our hotel…margarita in hand


hiking around Xel-ha


Out clubbing with people from our hotel….damn sunburn!


Yummy dinner at our hotel


yah baby!


Xel-Ha natural area, we snorkeled here


Paddling in a lagoon near Coba


One of the many Mayan ruins in Tulum


The Great Parnassus, a sister hotel that we could eat and drink at for free.  Its brand new, reminds me of Vegas.  Its beautiful.


Eric and I swimming in a Cenote.  They are caves were water drips through holes about.  The water gets filtered before hitting the ground.  Probably the most clean and refreshing water I have ever been in.


I did lots of those!  Too many a couple of times 🙂


Awwww the Caribbean Sea


Tulum Ruins overlooking the Sea


Biking through Ruins at Coba


We were attacked by pirates….


Gosh….another drink, I probably didn’t need it.


Pool at the Great Parnassus…total paradise


One last look before we go home 😦


Hood to Coast August 24-25,2007

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This year I was fortunate to get a hood to coast team.  They only allow 1000 teams from around the world to join and they refused 600 teams this year.  My team “Run Me Tender” consisted of 12 members and 3 volunteers.  Each of us run three legs over the course of 27 hours based on our team time.  Van 1 consisted of myself, Eric, Curt, Sheri, Rich, and Vicki.  Van 2 was Mike, Gretchen, Ryan, Laura (both from Colorado), Sarah and Jason. 


The start of the race, on top of Mt. Hood


A couple of our volunteers while doing our first legs…Jim, and my mom Angie


Me look happy on the first leg (nearly 6 miles with 2500 feet of elevation drop) from Mt. Hood! YeeHa! I look happy now 🙂


Van 1: Rich, me, Eric, Vicki, Curt, and Sheri


Vicki posing by the picture I drew of her on the van…I did good 🙂


Eric finishing his first leg after at 2000 ft drop!


Van 2 at the beach: Jason, Gretchen, Ryan (forrest gump), Laura, Sarah, and Mike…Gretchen big bro the mascot is in the back


Nice spandex Ryan! one of his three running outfits.


Run, Forrest, Run! We did have some creative ideas on the team 🙂

….Until next year!


Yosemite, California August 16, 2007

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August 8-14, 2007 my friend Mike and I headed down to Yosemite to do some rock climbing.  I really didn’t know what to expect going down there because everyone has been telling me that it is a lot of friction climbing and two grades harder than smith.  I am not sure I agree, I thought it was fun climbing.  I did some trad leading…and a little crying.  I had to down climb on some since I was chicken 🙂  Guess I know were my abilities stand at the moment.  It was a great time and climbed some pretty tall peaks with a lot of exposure.  We would have done half dome if time allowed, but it would have been a two day event.  On our rest days we checked out the valley and saw half dome, and El capitan…oh and took a shower! Our last day we spend laying on the beach of Tenaya lake drinking pacifico and lime staring at one of the peaks we just climbed.


Tenaya peak, around 10,300 feet…mostly pitches of 5.4 climbing until the top portion.  We did simal climbing til near the top.  The hike in sucks, got back to camp around 9pm. The right picture is me on the summit.


Left…me on the start of lembert dome, the summit is 9450 feet.  This route was mostly 5.7 except for a 5.8 crack that you can see in the picture on the right.  Nice climbing!


Mike and I on top of lembert dome


Cathedral peak from lembert dome….our next project


Cathedral Peak from the climbers trail on the hike in, 10,823 feet


Me following Mike on Cathedral after I freaked out leading 🙂


Summit of Cathedral peak


Eiehorn pinnacle, the coolest peak I ever climbed


me rappeling from the pinnacle


Me on the summit of the pinnacle, cathedral peak in the background. Both done in the same day.


View on the way down Eiehorn and Cathedral…yah, we got back late once again!


Half dome from the valley floor…next time


Bear box at camp, if you don’t use them, your car gets broken into and you camp taken over.  I saw a bear up close and personal at 9pm the night before I left sniffing around our camp. 


Greetings everyone! July 30, 2007

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Hey everyone!  Since my photosite got shut off, I created my own free site.  I am still working on it, but let me know what you think.  It is nice because people can post comments and view my pictures and slideshows of my adventures.  I can keep everyone up to date on what I am up too. 

Recently, I have been mainly climbing (rock and snow), working, hanging out with Eric, drinking wine and beer, enjoying the sunshine, golfing (well sorta) and trying to prepare for Hood to Coast.  I need to get back into running shape real soon!  Looking forward to the race this year and I am happy I got a team.  In a week in a half I leave with my friend Mike D. for Yosemite for 6 days….so I need to get in rock climbing shape too. How does one find the time?  I will count on him to lead routes for me…especially fairview dome..ugg  🙂 In Septemeber I am heading to Cancun for 8 days.  I am really looking forward to sipping cocktails on the beach…ahhh why do we have to work!  I am going to reschedule my Mt. Rainier climb for the end of September since it is the only days that work this summer.  If I make Rainier, I will have a huge amount of success with my summits this year!  Already I have climbed Hood, Shasta, Adams, S.sister.  I still have Eldorado (North Cascades region) left in August and Middle Sister later in August. Climb On!! Next summer I am not going to plan so many climbs, I’m kinda tired.

As for the Fall time….I plan on relaxing, unless Gretchen is going to talk me into the Seattle Marathon. We will see 🙂

 Catch you later! Leave me comments, I like to socialize….I am sure you know that already