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Hood to Coast August 24-25,2007 September 10, 2007

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This year I was fortunate to get a hood to coast team.  They only allow 1000 teams from around the world to join and they refused 600 teams this year.  My team “Run Me Tender” consisted of 12 members and 3 volunteers.  Each of us run three legs over the course of 27 hours based on our team time.  Van 1 consisted of myself, Eric, Curt, Sheri, Rich, and Vicki.  Van 2 was Mike, Gretchen, Ryan, Laura (both from Colorado), Sarah and Jason. 


The start of the race, on top of Mt. Hood


A couple of our volunteers while doing our first legs…Jim, and my mom Angie


Me look happy on the first leg (nearly 6 miles with 2500 feet of elevation drop) from Mt. Hood! YeeHa! I look happy now 🙂


Van 1: Rich, me, Eric, Vicki, Curt, and Sheri


Vicki posing by the picture I drew of her on the van…I did good 🙂


Eric finishing his first leg after at 2000 ft drop!


Van 2 at the beach: Jason, Gretchen, Ryan (forrest gump), Laura, Sarah, and Mike…Gretchen big bro the mascot is in the back


Nice spandex Ryan! one of his three running outfits.


Run, Forrest, Run! We did have some creative ideas on the team 🙂

….Until next year!