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Yosemite, California August 16, 2007

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August 8-14, 2007 my friend Mike and I headed down to Yosemite to do some rock climbing.  I really didn’t know what to expect going down there because everyone has been telling me that it is a lot of friction climbing and two grades harder than smith.  I am not sure I agree, I thought it was fun climbing.  I did some trad leading…and a little crying.  I had to down climb on some since I was chicken 🙂  Guess I know were my abilities stand at the moment.  It was a great time and climbed some pretty tall peaks with a lot of exposure.  We would have done half dome if time allowed, but it would have been a two day event.  On our rest days we checked out the valley and saw half dome, and El capitan…oh and took a shower! Our last day we spend laying on the beach of Tenaya lake drinking pacifico and lime staring at one of the peaks we just climbed.


Tenaya peak, around 10,300 feet…mostly pitches of 5.4 climbing until the top portion.  We did simal climbing til near the top.  The hike in sucks, got back to camp around 9pm. The right picture is me on the summit.


Left…me on the start of lembert dome, the summit is 9450 feet.  This route was mostly 5.7 except for a 5.8 crack that you can see in the picture on the right.  Nice climbing!


Mike and I on top of lembert dome


Cathedral peak from lembert dome….our next project


Cathedral Peak from the climbers trail on the hike in, 10,823 feet


Me following Mike on Cathedral after I freaked out leading 🙂


Summit of Cathedral peak


Eiehorn pinnacle, the coolest peak I ever climbed


me rappeling from the pinnacle


Me on the summit of the pinnacle, cathedral peak in the background. Both done in the same day.


View on the way down Eiehorn and Cathedral…yah, we got back late once again!


Half dome from the valley floor…next time


Bear box at camp, if you don’t use them, your car gets broken into and you camp taken over.  I saw a bear up close and personal at 9pm the night before I left sniffing around our camp.