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Mombasa August 15, 2006

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We only spent one day in Mombasa, Kenya on our way back to Nairobi.  We rode the train from Mombasa back to Nairobi which was an overnight train.  Mombasa is primarily a Muslim based town with a lot of neat Mosques and we saw an old fort.


On Safari!

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Lake Manyara 

Ngorogoro Crater

Tarangari National Park


I love Zanzibar

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Zanzibar, Zanzibar!  I want to go back here!  Probably the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  Secluded and turquoise waters.  Stonetown is worth a look too, interesting history and cool doors!


Nairobi, Moshi, and Kiliminjaro

These are pictures from my trip to Africa in August 2006.  We landed at Nairobi, Kenya and stayed one night there.  We then took a bus down to Moshi and stayed one night there before taking off to start our 6 day climb of Kiliminjaro via the Umbwe route.