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Christmas and Thanksgiving 07 with friends December 27, 2007

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Monita and Chenda (whom I grew up with) made a trip down here for thanksgiving.  I had the best vietnemese food ever for Thanksgiving dinner! Monita and Chendas mom is the best cook on the earth.  The next night we had a slumber party at my place and went out on the town.  Always a good time….Around Christmas time, I headed up to Seattle and spend the weekend.  We just shopped, hung out, and went to a Christmas party.


Mon and I at Oba


Mon and I in Seattle a party


Before dinner…we got the meal free…long story



Tori a friend of mine from high school decided that our group of girlfriends need to get together for the holidays.  We had a little gift exchange and drank wine and had a great time….think we are going to do it now once a year, and try to get together more often of course.




Amie and Tori


Ging and Tori A.


Erics family Christmas – 2007

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Eric had his family over the weekend before Christmas.  His sister Trish and her family stay 2 nights and then sister Laurie and her family, Erics dad, and his brother, plus Erics grandma (who the kids call black grandma) and grampa.  We played bunco and had a great dinner!


Eric posing by the flowers Erics nephew Austin bought for me (Austin needs to give him advice) 🙂


Eric and Austin


Trish posing for the Camera


Karl and Rick


Laurie is getting a bit drowsy 🙂


Maryn and I…..shes a good bunco partner!


At erics place


Christmas 2006

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Me, Gidget and the X-mas tree


Christmas 07 with the Family

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Christmas Eve was spent at moms in Longview this year…with Gidget! I was really excited about that!


At my moms


Awww gidget! Love her


Mom and I


Christmas in the Pearl at Macs – December 8th, 2007

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Mac, Tara, and I planned at our friend Macs place.  The three of us spent most of the day at Macs place cooking which was really fun since I like to cook.  We did have some mishaps….my awesome red velvet cake broke and I sprayed food coloring in the kitchen, it was tasty though and I did salvage it!  By the time we got to it nobody noticed how it looked.  Mac made beef wellington…yummy!  Tara made orzo salad and scallops, and I made the cake and artichoke dip.  Good times! We drank 17 bottles of wine!  Eric and I walked home!


Eric and I at dinner


Heather, Tara, and I


Macs Christmas card next year 🙂


Eric and I


Rob and his pink tool kit won at our gift exchange….one of my family members got it a few weeks after 🙂


the yummy cigars were broke out later in the night….


hello brian…


“Gidget” December 31, 2006

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Gidget….The best dog ever, what can I say!  Cute, cuddly, athletic, and the best companion ever. I miss her because she does not live with me but I get frequent visits whenever I want.  Unfortunately at 7 years old, she is slowing down a bit.  I could really see it this past weekend on our climb up South sister.  She has had many summits including, Mt. Adams southside twice, South sister, Eagle cap, and lots of hiking trips!