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South Sister/Green Lakes July 28, 2007

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Eric and I set out July 28-29 to climb south sister and broken top via green lakes. We headed into green lakes late on Friday getting to camp around 8:30-9pm.  Our camp was gorgeous except for the fact we had to hike a steep hill to get there…what were we thinking! We brought the dogs with us on the occation.  This was the first mountain for both Hurley and Eric both.


Our camp from Green Lakes, South sister and Gidget in the background

The next morning we got up made breakfast and took off around 8:30 from camp.  We headed across the lake and found what looked like the trail.  We followed it along a stream and some steep rocky switchbacks.  We had snow to the left of us and if we had crampons it would have been ideal.  We Proceeded to scramble up volcanic rock (my favorite) up to a snowfield around 8500 feet. 


View from a break we took after a big scree field


Pool of water on the glacier


Summit of South Sister the 3rd highest peak in Oregon.  Eric and Hurleys first summit! Middle sister is next!

Absolutely nobody was on this route! We had a mix of a little of everything, snow, scree, trail.  It was nice for us and the dogs.  The dogs took a beating (even with the booties).  We decided that we were not going to attempt broken top the next day and just relax.  We brought a bota bag full of 4 bottles of wine with us! Believe me, I drank too much, another reason for not attempting broken top!


A tired Hurley rests in the tent!