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Mt. Shasta-Hotlum/Bolam June 29, 2007

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My climb up Shasta was amazing!  We headed out June 29 and returned home on July 2nd late.  The climbing party was fellow ICSers me, Brian A., Brian, W. Mac, Tammi, and Dillon.  We camped at the Northgate trailhead friday night and woke up to a beautiful day on Saturday! Perfect climbing weather.  Actually, it wasn’t too hot.  Love that!  We headed out around 10:30am up the Northgate trail to our camp around 9,800 feet.  The trailhead started around 6,400 I believe.

Me and tammi at Northgate trailhead ready to go.


Picture on our way up the trailhead.  Almost to camp around 8000 maybe?


View from 13, 800 feet…almost there!!!!


Summit of Mt. Shasta!!! 14,150 feet.