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Mt. Adams/Mazama Glacier July 14, 2007

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This was a climb that I did on July 14-15, 2007 with my friends Tracy, Mac, Macs nephew from the east coast, and Andrea.  All of us are recent ICS (Intermediate Climbing School) grads from the mazamas and wanted to do a different route on Adams besides the Southside.  We headed up to the Cold Springs trailhead on the Gifford Pinchot National forest and arrived at around 10:30am on Saturday.  From the trailhead we headed up the trailhead (cold springs) until arriving at the round the mountain trail.  From here we headed east toward the South east side of the mountain and then entering the Yakima Indian Reservation.  Beautiful wildflowers were along the trail, and great views of the south side of the moutnain.img_0702.jpg

Lunch Break on July 14th after finding a trail (what we think is the main trail) up to the Mazama glacier.  We are on the Southeastern side of the mountain at this point. 


Wildflowers that occur along the trail on the Yakima Nation side.  It is much more beautiful in person!

We had to do some bushwacking along the way, since the trail was not the one that we thought it was (thats why this is called an exploritory route 🙂  We ended up gaining elevation before camp that we did not want!  Oh well, better conditioning for us!


me on top of an unwanted ridge looking down and the rock we have to scramble down.  I am looking at camp in the distance.  Damn!

After the crazy scramble down, we arive at Sunrise Camp elevation 8400 feet. 


A picture of Andrea working on her windblock!  Mac has the cadillac of all tents so we didn’t have to worry about that so much.


 Us grubbing in Macs tent and sharing dinner.  Trying to stay out of the crazy wind!!!!


Me pumping water…Burr its windy and cold! I don’t go anywhere without my puffy! 🙂

We went to bed then woke up around 3am to assess the wind situation.  We sort of decided that we didn’t want to go because of the high winds and nobody in camp was budging.  I then went back to bed got up around 5:30am and decided to give it a shot.  We were one of the last people out of camp to leave.  Conditions were favorable though. 


Me leading our rope team of 5 up the Mazama glacier.



Some crevasses and Mt. Hood in the background.  What a view!


Me on the summit (a cold summit!) sitting under a lenticular cloud.  We didn’t spend much time here!


The long hike out on the REAL trail this time.  Me and Andrea just wanted to get the heck out of here and so did everyone else.  We wanted a real meal!


Wonderful view of Mt. Hood near sunset on our way out on the round the mountain trail!!

A beautiful climb!