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About July 20, 2007

Hi!  My name is Azure (I hope most of you that are here know that) and welcome to my page of all my current adventures!  I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest…Portland, Oregon.  As you can see I love adventure weather its hiking, climbing (rock and ice), running, and travel. I would love to connect with people here and for family and friends to know what I am up too.

A little about me….. 

I grew up in Longview, Washington and from there went on to go to college at Centrailia College (ATA Forestry Technology), Washington State University in Pullman, Washington Go Cougs (BS Natural Resource Management), and University of Phoenix (MBA in Business Management).   After college, I went on to be a forester in Kalispell, Montana for Plum Creek Timber Company, then got a job as a Silviculture forester for The Campbell Group in Cathlamet, Washington.  I worked at these jobs for approximetely 4 years before changing careers to Appraisal mainly because of the dwindling timber industry and controversial issues associated with it.  I was also ready for a change. 

I studied up and got licenced to be a property appraiser for taxation purposes in Oregon.  I am currently a Property Appraiser for Washington County in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Just recently, I got licensed to Certified Residential in the State of Oregon and plan on pursuing that when I have time, hopefully in the fall.  I used to live in Vancouver, Washington, but I currently live in Northwest Portland and I love it here! 

I love spending time with friends and chatting with everyone.  Sort of the purpose of this blog page. Leave me comments and messages! 



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