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Helvetia Half Marathon 2008 June 16, 2008

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This year a huge group of us ran the Helvetia Half Marathon in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Eric and ran in the race last year (he runs in it every year), but it was fantastic to get such a large group to keep me motivated and the weather was AWESOME! Last year is rainied.  Mac kept me going the entire way, since after mile ten I wanted to be done and drop dead…that always happens to me around mile ten.  After it was over…I was thinking that I can’t believe that I signed up for a marathon and I have to run double what I just did!  I better get to training! 

We planned a big after party/keggar at Erics for friends, family, and the runners.  Good times!


The group of runners that participated were:


Trisha and Rick (they plan on doing the half next year)

Half Marathon:

Azure, Eric, Mac, Ryan D McCoy, Tara, Heather, Chuck A., Nick, Kim, Bruce Candy

Here is some pics from the race:

   Eric and I near the finish line in Hillsboro Stadium.

Erics sister Trisha and brother-in-law Rick

Me and Mac “Daddy” (he is looking very patriotic!)

Ryan D. McCoy and Chuck A. (no sweat for him, he just did Denali!)

Tara and I (I love my mirror pond :))

Candy, Ryan, Mac, and Heather having fun at the afterparty!

Most of the runners! Yay, what an accomplishment!  I personally think running is harder than climbing a damn mountain 🙂 Until next time…..


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