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Random Thoughts by me :) 5/28/08 May 29, 2008

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Random thoughts on 5/29/08

Things are great with me!  Thanks for asking 🙂

Of course, I am busy as usual.  During the week, I work, work out, run, climb, sometimes golf.  I still reside in the NW area of portland.  On the weekend, you know the drill, Im probably climbing something….rock or snow.  Just got back from Hells Canyon with a group of Erics friends from college.  It was a pretty good time, the weather was so so, and we hiked to a pretty cool waterfall and cooked burgers and dogs all weekend.  The light beer gets to me by the end of the weekend, but drinking micros all weekend would lead me to a world of hurt. 

Tomorrow night I am taking Eric and my friend Chris up Mt. Hood via Leuthold Coulior.  A ~50 degree route on hood and very long, but fun.  Will be Erics first climb of hood.  I just recently went up the route about 3 weeks ago and the weather is looking good for tomorrow night.  Though it would be good prep for Mt. Rainier-Emmons route coming up on the fourth of July (we maxed out camping at 12 people).  I am leading a climb up Adams/avalanche white salmon glacier June 28th with 10 or so friends.  Mac and I are heading to Mt. Whitney (California) in August to attempt the East Butress route.  13 pitches (i think) or so of easy rock, think one pitch may be 5.7, probably a 5.7 move only.  I will be making weekend trips to smith and Washington Pass for a weekend too. 

I am still in advanced rock.  I am pretty much done now except for the climbing at smith now.  I need to come up with a list of climbs I want to lead.  I know that I want to do monkey face, but I hate any kind of aid climbing, but its only a bolt ladder. 

June 14th I am running in the Helvetia half along with Eric and many of my friends.  I actually feel ready for the first time!  Amazing.  I hope im ready, because I am signed up to run a marathon in October of this year down in SanFran.  I am running it with three girlfriends and it is all our very first marathon.  The marathon is for all women and includes a chocolate mile, pedicures, and a tiffanys bracelet when we finish!! woo hoo! We plan on spending the weekend in sanfran eating, shopping, and hanging out at the spa after the big even.  The twelve of us that didn’t get a hood to coast team this year are doing the Diamond lake relay.  It is the same length as hood to coast but this is the first year this race has taken place.  It goes from diamond lake to Mt. Bachelor.  The other run I plan on doing is the prefontaine memorial down in Coos Bay that my dad helps out with every year. 

In December Eric and I are planning to vacation somewhere fun and tropical.  Probably Dominican Republic.  It looks really appealing!  I want to climb Pico Duarte, which is the highest point in the caribbean! 

Lets all pray for a good weather summer!!!  You all have a great summer!!  Keep in touch.

Luv you all!



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