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Random thoughts for 2008 December 27, 2007

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Today I have been thinking of my plans for 2008 and thought I would let my family and friends in on it. I know, I know I am hard to keep up with sometimes.  The beginning of the New Year will be spent in Hood River, OR and pretty low key…I imagine I will be drinking wine and eating good food.  We Plan on snowboarding on New Years day with hope that it will not be crowded! The BIG work picture for for 08 is to start appraising privately since I now have my license to do so. ..when will I find the time… oh, I will find the time!

I just got in the leadership development program with the mazamas  so I will be helping out with ICS and assisting with basic school.  I plan on become a proficient 5.8 trad rock leader hopefully in 2008, and without taking Advanced rock.  Hopefully, I can get the help of my friends who are good at it and are pros already!  Oh, and I will be doing a marathon in October, an all girls Nike marathon (assuming I get it since its competitive).  When time allows, I will be golfing during the week…I need to keep up with my boyfriend right? Yes, I am rambling, and yes, I am crazy 🙂

 I really want to climb Mt. Rainier, Shuksan, and Jefferson this summer.  I have yet to make it up Rainier (2 attempts) and 2008 will be it!!!! I want to assist a mazama leader on the shuksan climb and climb the rest with my favorite climbing buddies…and you know who you are :).  I am sure I will climb Mt. hood a couple of times (one being a winter climb) and Mt. Adams Mazama glacier again.  I can’t wait to take Eric up a big summit this summer and for me to lead it. I am excited to think about the fact that my good friend Mac may attempt to go climb in Antartica  and possibly Everest next year?!  I also plan on making a trip down to LA to climb the East Face of Mt. Whitney assuming we will get permits for it.  Couldn’t get them this last year and ended up in Yosemite.  I am sure I will make several trips to Smith as usual to assume my duties of becoming a better trad leader.

Can’t wait for December 08!!! I want to go somewhere hot which is something I have never done before.  I REALLY want to go to Thailand, a destination I have been thinking about for a long time.  Plus, I have to hit somewhere new once a year right? I will come back from the holidays with my awesome tan 🙂

 I will ramble some more later……..


One Response to “Random thoughts for 2008”

  1. Hey Azure,
    Sorry we have been so self-centered in our road trip. Being home now I managed to finally read up on all my other friends, surprised to find Monty doing Everest, surprised to read this old blog about your plan. I wonder how much of the plan has changed? Looking forward to talk to you this weekend.

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