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Christmas in the Pearl at Macs – December 8th, 2007 December 27, 2007

Filed under: Christmas — azureraff @ 5:16 am

Mac, Tara, and I planned at our friend Macs place.  The three of us spent most of the day at Macs place cooking which was really fun since I like to cook.  We did have some mishaps….my awesome red velvet cake broke and I sprayed food coloring in the kitchen, it was tasty though and I did salvage it!  By the time we got to it nobody noticed how it looked.  Mac made beef wellington…yummy!  Tara made orzo salad and scallops, and I made the cake and artichoke dip.  Good times! We drank 17 bottles of wine!  Eric and I walked home!


Eric and I at dinner


Heather, Tara, and I


Macs Christmas card next year 🙂


Eric and I


Rob and his pink tool kit won at our gift exchange….one of my family members got it a few weeks after 🙂


the yummy cigars were broke out later in the night….


hello brian…


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