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Christmas and Thanksgiving 07 with friends December 27, 2007

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Monita and Chenda (whom I grew up with) made a trip down here for thanksgiving.  I had the best vietnemese food ever for Thanksgiving dinner! Monita and Chendas mom is the best cook on the earth.  The next night we had a slumber party at my place and went out on the town.  Always a good time….Around Christmas time, I headed up to Seattle and spend the weekend.  We just shopped, hung out, and went to a Christmas party.


Mon and I at Oba


Mon and I in Seattle a party


Before dinner…we got the meal free…long story



Tori a friend of mine from high school decided that our group of girlfriends need to get together for the holidays.  We had a little gift exchange and drank wine and had a great time….think we are going to do it now once a year, and try to get together more often of course.




Amie and Tori


Ging and Tori A.


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