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Middle Sister Climb September 22-23, 2007 October 1, 2007

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On Saturday September 22, 2007 Eric, Jim, hurley, Gidget,and I set out on our ascent of middle sister near Sisters, Oregon.  We started the climb around 2:30pm from the Pole creek trail head.  The weather was great, the perfect temperature.  The hike was about 7 miles in (our map was wrong) so it took us longer than we thought to get to camp.  We arrived at Camp lake just before dark.  The wind was kicking up pretty rapidly so we set up the tent then cooked and sat in our tent and grubbed on our food.  It got really cold and windy and we wondering if we were going to get weathered in and not do the climb.  We were planning on doing the Hayden Glacier, but vouched to do the South route because of the conditions and complexity of the other route.  We went to bed around 8pm so that we can get up as early as possible to start the climb.


Eric on the hike in


Jim with broken top in the background


Views on the hike in

 We woke up to a frozen tent and cold conditions! Good thing I had my puffy jacket.  We got the dogs ready and headed up there trail around 7:30am or so.  We owned the mountain, nobody decided to attempt this mountain this late in the season.  The weather was calm and great, but very cold.  We ascended a steap trail to some snow fields at around 8,000 feet.  We then arrived at a huge boulderfield which was interesting.  The last 1,000 feet of the climb was loose scree leading up to the summit block at 10,047 feet. It was chilly at the summit and we lingered here for about 15-20 minutes before decending. 


Off to an early “COLD” start in the morning


On one of the no name snowfields on the ascent.  South sister in the background.


Our crazy energetic dogs in the am…before the climb


Us at the summit!


View of North Sister from the summit….notice the ice, burrr

The dogs were wiped!  Once we got to camp, they curled up in little balls.  We broke down our gear and proceeded to attempt our hike out.  We got back to the truck at around 9pm…really hungry! 


The tired dogs as we break down camp.


Camp lake (yes, this is the real  name) from our campsite.


One Response to “Middle Sister Climb September 22-23, 2007”

  1. Daniel Says:

    What made you do the South Side route over Hayden Glacier?

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