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Cancun, Mexico September 1-9, 2007 September 10, 2007

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Eric and I went on an amazing vacation to Cancun, Mexico.  It was nice because it was the off season with not many people.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort called the Golden Parnassus right in the hotel zone of Cancun.  The food and drinks were amazing and we had unlimited amounts of them!  We did a lot of sunbathing and drinking and just enjoying the amazing beach while there!  But of course, you know me, I had to throw some adventure somewhere in the trip since I can’t sit around for too long (although I could have).  One day we visited Xel-ha a natural area for snorkeling were freshwater meets saltwater.  We also that day went to Tulum to check out the Mayan ruins.  Another day we paddled a lagoon, hiked in the jungle, swam in a cenote, rappeled and ziplined in the jungle.  We also had lunch in a Mayan village and the food was awesome!  Additionally, one night we did a really cool night booze cruise that was a pirate assult were pirates invaded our ship and took some of the women! It was funny.  I wasn’t one of the women they chose thankfully 🙂


Our pool! Spent a lot of time here…paradise.


At the awesome Tiki bar near the beach at our hotel…margarita in hand


hiking around Xel-ha


Out clubbing with people from our hotel….damn sunburn!


Yummy dinner at our hotel


yah baby!


Xel-Ha natural area, we snorkeled here


Paddling in a lagoon near Coba


One of the many Mayan ruins in Tulum


The Great Parnassus, a sister hotel that we could eat and drink at for free.  Its brand new, reminds me of Vegas.  Its beautiful.


Eric and I swimming in a Cenote.  They are caves were water drips through holes about.  The water gets filtered before hitting the ground.  Probably the most clean and refreshing water I have ever been in.


I did lots of those!  Too many a couple of times 🙂


Awwww the Caribbean Sea


Tulum Ruins overlooking the Sea


Biking through Ruins at Coba


We were attacked by pirates….


Gosh….another drink, I probably didn’t need it.


Pool at the Great Parnassus…total paradise


One last look before we go home 😦


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